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Whipped Lavender Moisturiser with Amethyst Crystal


(3 customer reviews)

All natural silky smooth lavender and amethyst whipped moisturiser

  • Restorative, healing & protective.
  • Pure &  gentle for the skin with  no nasty ingredients.
  • Shea butter, jojoba oil & coconut oil blend
  • Naturally scented with Lavender essential oils
  • Beautiful amethyst quartz crystals are added for their energy healing qualities.
  • Made in the United Kingdom


Lavender scented Amethyst quartz moisturiser looks so gorgeous and feels so soft and silky smooth on the skin. This all natural oil blend combination is designed to nourish, restore, moisturise and protect the skin. Rich in vitamin e, this moisturiser helps prevent damage from free radicals and boost overall complexion keeping the skin moisturised and helping to fade the appearance of some wrinkles and fine lines.
Beautiful Amethyst quartz crystals are added for their energy healing qualities. Wheather you believe in the healing powers of crystals or not, they look absolutely gorgeous in this moisturiser.


3 reviews for Whipped Lavender Moisturiser with Amethyst Crystal

  1. Mary

    I’m so glad I found this cream.
    It’s lovely and feels so creamy.
    I had a really bad burn on my hand and used this when it was getting better and it appeared to speed up the healing.
    Will definitely buy again.

  2. Papillon Turner

    The best cream i’ve ever used, it smells lovely, it sits light on the skin and it’s all natural ingredients.

  3. Uubafunksta

    These are my absolute favourite skin care products. I have tried many, but none come close to this. Recommend for those of us who are of a melanated darker hue. Penetrates the skin, hydrates without being too oily. Leaves you with a lovely glow and a beautiful scent.

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